The westside is the best-side right? We think so too. That’s why we created a directory to find businesses in Melbourne’s West. One central place to discover all the amazing local businesses and people in the West.

The idea for ShopWest was born when founder Tine, moved westside 9 years ago. Growing up in the eastern suburbs and not knowing anyone this side of town, it took her a long time to find her way around. The West is a big place!

Over time, she got to know the area and the great businesses within it. Yet she realised how much easier it would be if there was a local directory that listed them all in one place. A central point to find all the different types of businesses in the west, including online, home based, stores and hobby businesses. And not just a business directory. A place to show off our community and the great businesses in it. To help create a sense of social connectedness, inclusion, and pride of where we live.

So that’s how ShopWest came about, it’s a directory for Melbourne’s west - handy for those living in the West, much needed for those new to the West, and an guide for those visiting the West.


The directory is completely free for all businesses. And we’ve made room for everyone - shops, online businesses, bloggers, home businesses - there’s room for all. It’s a place to connect locals to locals, bring those new to the west into the community, and entice visitors over the bridge.


Any business located in the West can be added- including north, south and outer west. However because the West is so big, (and we’re only small) we’ve focussed initially on areas along the bay area. As the site grows we will list all suburbs individually. Until then we have included council areas and grouped suburbs. So please keep adding businesses from all over the West so we can continue to help locals find local businesses.