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Keeping the west Healthy since 2016

Business Type: Bricks + Mortar

Features: fitness, massage, yoga, barre, pilates, bootcamp, boxing classes, personal trainer, day spa

Tell us a little bit about you and your business At Personal Transformations we aim to bring a well rounded and holistic approach to YOU feeling great, as well as looking great. That's the difference we offer, no posers or people making you feel insecure, just real, authentic, community minded people, working together toward a common goal. ​ No-where in the West can you find a place to sweat it out in boxing and then zen it out in yoga. Plus, we are literally just off the Freeway, in a central location only five minutes drive from Point Cook, Williams Landing & Altona Meadows! With plenty of parking less than 20m from our building! ​ You will get to know the trainers, instructors, coaches, members and owners and they will check in with you to ensure you're on track. We offer forums where members can socialise and chat about their successes and struggles, building real connections and reinforcing positive behaviours and habits.

We are quite literally a one stop shop, with additional services in nutrition, massage and a day spa!

What makes you unique? We don't offer short term solutions or quick fixes, as they don't work. We know this because we work with real bodies and real people, who have struggled with anything from addictions to weight loss to losing motivation.

We have created a community, where people can come together and encourage each other in a health and positive way.

What keeps your customers coming back? Our members are everyday people, who find motivation and community with us. We carve out an experience that is as unique as you are. Of-course no two people will come to us with the same challenges and we want to individualize the journey to suit the person.

What makes you an expert in your industry? I have studied in the realms of health and well-being for over ten years and continue to learn each and every day. I have qualifications in Massage therapy, beauty therapy, personal training, pilates & barre instruction, nutritional medicine and dermal therapy. I have always been humble about being the apprentice and seek out experienced professionals to help me become better at what i do.

The west side is the best side right? Tell us why you love the west I was born in the West and come from three generations of family from the the west. I have written blogs about my memories and stories have had passed down to me. There is a community and culture in the west that other people are just starting to find out about. We truly are a well kept secret out here.